Sunday, January 31, 2010

Picture of the Damage

This is what I look like after Elsie kicks me while trying to milk her. It's hard to be bold and just do what needs to be done while looking at her hind leg just waiting to push me out of the way. The 2nd time she even managed to push the bucket out of my hand (I was holding it because I knew she wasn't going to hold still)and got me wet. Now I'll have to wash the jeans again just so they don't smell like sour milk tomorrow!

She held still long enough for me to place the bucket on the ground and use both hands to get less than a pint of milk. She didn't kick, but I still poured the milk into the other container before starting back up. This seems like it might be her trigger to start fussing, but I don't want to lose what milk I've managed to get either.

A friend told me to really lean into her while milking and it will make her feel off balance if she tries to lift her leg. It works, but not the whole time I'm out there. It's how I end up looking like this picture. She actually scraped my skin this time. I banged the back of my head jumping up to yell at her. I was also told to make a scene and let her know who's in charge. I'm not sure my scene conveyed that, but I did it anyway! I pulled her feed box out of her reach, told her if she won't let me milk I won't let her eat! I wonder if she understands me?

On the bright side-Jasper was mooing and jumping trying to get the chickens to play with him. It was cute to watch! Didn't have the camera though...