Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Where does it come from? According to the Bible, God is a God of order, not chaos. Seems to me then, that chaos is evil. If my life is controlled by chaos, what does that mean? Am I not in submission to Him or His will? If I say I can't handle the chaos anymore, but nothing changes, what am I doing wrong?

Is this a temporary situation? I sure hope so! It has lasted far too long as it is. It affects my life daily and keeps me from my full potential. It affects my health, as stress is the biggest contributor to adrenal fatigue. Then it becomes a downward spiral. Too much stress weakens me, being weak causes me to resort to convenient or fast foods, which don't have the nutrients my body is crying out for, so there's another source of stress. And on it goes. I thought I was doing pretty good this week, having made a reusable checklist of daily and weekly things I want and need to do and following it more than not. Is that where I'm going wrong? Making my list before consulting God? If I don't hear from Him, how long do I wait for an answer?

If you have helpful tips for managing and responding to stress, I'd really love to read them!