Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tech Guru

Alright, maybe I'm not a tech guru, but at one time I did know enough to earn a living teaching other people what I knew.  Even then I didn't feel like a guru because I knew how much I still had to learn!  It's been 5 years since those days ended and I keep up even less with all the new gadgets and wizardry, but I'm still an intelligent person, so I should be able to figure most things out.  I spent my morning trying to set up a PayPal account for our business, but can't complete the process because the email address for our biz web site isn't working.  I can't get thru to tech support.  I can't even log in to their site to get more info!  I was in tears twice today over it when I realized how stupid it is for me to continue suffering.  I did a search for a new web host, started a live chat with a sales rep and within an hour had a new hosting service, with LIVE people!  At the other place I can't even find a phone number to make a call and they aren't quick to respond to trouble reports filed at their site.

I don't need this kind of stress in my life, so I'm doing whatever I can to reduce all triggers!  The secondary trigger in this case is that despite 4 or 5 years of teaching othe people how to do whatever they wanted to learn on their computer, I never could figure out how to design and upload a web site.  I've muddled thru it a few times, but it ALWAYS comes with frustration and aggrevation as logic doesn't seem to apply to this process.  I was told by the rep at the new company today that setting up our site would be easy with them-as easy as setting up this blog.  I sure hope so!  Tony relies on me to do anything business related that doesn't involve the actual building of the instruments, and this has been a big source of consternation for us.  We'll see if the new host company can resolve one of my stressors!