Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Milking Elsie

What can I say? I was warned to start working with her early, but did I? No. There was always something more urgent. Or I didn't have an opportunity because my son used to be terrified of her and to even leave him in the car while I walked her on a lead rope was upsetting for him. I'll admit that after getting hit with her horns that I'm a bit shy about taking charge of her. Don't tell her that though. She needs to know that even though she outweighs me by 650 pounds that I'M IN CONTROL! But the milk is here and that's why we bought her, so it's time to get down to business and show her that weight or no, we'll be milking her on a regular basis. Or I will be. Tony was the one that had to sit down and risk being kicked today before she calmed down enough to just do it. I took over toward the end, but she still liked to stomp now and then. We probably both have bruises. No probably on my part-she got my left knee cap. I haven't checked the other areas she it yet, and Tony doesn't bruise easily, so he might be alright.

We didn't collect any of the milk for ourselves though. I tried washing her teats and she kept kicking. Tony started milking just to do it, and then I tried to do it with the bucket, which she promptly stepped in. From there he just let it squirt onto the ground. At then end we both managed to squirt some into a big pot that we let the chickens drink. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day and we'll actually get clean milk for us to try!