Friday, January 22, 2010

I was right-MORE adventure!

I haven't had my laptop on since I turned it off at midnight last night. We went to bed shortly after, exhausted. At 1:22AM there was a loud knock on our side door-which is in our bedroom-and the announcement, "Marshall's Office!" Tony jumped out of bed and asked him to go to the front door. "Creek's rising!" Um, duh? OK that's not what Tony said but we really wondered why they felt the need to make that announcement. Apparently he had gone into the meander land and seen that our goats were in the pasture. Tony thanked him and we went out to see this creek-turned-raging-river. It had indeed risen-half way into the corral, but the goats were snug and dry in their shelter. We stood outside to watch it for a while. Do you know how loud several thousand cubic feet of water per second rushing by you sounds? Loud. I tried to sleep-we knew that was the crest of it, but still...

We were right, that was the end of the high water level. It's still really full and flowing rapidly but it's back within the confines of it's western shore, which is where our property starts. I took pictures and video and when I've had rest and think I can properly upload them I will!

Jasper took about 8 ounces of leftover cow milk that we reheated for him, then we took him back to Elsie where he promptly latched on and continued suckling. She mostly let him. I just got the latest from the weather service and the flood warnings have been cancelled. Maybe we can consider bringing her back today so we can better watch them.

Thanks to all who have been praying for us! God DOES answer prayers!