Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tech Guru Part 2

It even rhymes! How come there's no spell checker on here? Don't they know I make typos all the time?

I thought my frustrations of this morning were over. Wrong. I did manage to solve one of the big problems I faced this morning (it could really be broken down to 2, gives me more credit!) but the other is still going. I have my business email address set up to go to Outlook. The first tests showed it was working (a year ago) and because I get some legitimate messages (I don't use it often) and plenty of junk mail, I assumed (yes, I know what they say about assuming) that ALL of the messages were going through. About 6 weeks ago I was trying to set up a new business bank account at PayPal and was waiting for the verification email to arrive. It didn't. I sent test messages, nothing came in. I went to the web based version and it showed NO emails. I went to the tech support page at the host's web site and their form wasn't working. The email address was posted though, so I sent a message asking for help. No response. I waited. I forgot. I got wrapped up in other issues. Tony asked me something that reminded me that I hadn't received any reply yet (weeks later) so I went back to the site and the form was working. I sent another help request, got a response a few hours later, but too late for me to address, as we were headed out of town. Today is the day I went back to it. The tech support guy (I think he's a sole proprietor trying to look like a big company but can't confirm that) changed some settings and I am now able to log in to the web based version. Still can't get messages thru Outlook though.

So guess what? There's a message there from Thanksgiving Day from an employee at a major trade magazine requesting photos to go with a story they want to do on our company! It's been at least 6 weeks since she sent that and I just now get it?? It wasn't there the day I logged in looking for my PayPal email! Good grief! I replied to her, apologizing, but since it's night time, I won't see a reply for a while. I decide to see what else is in there and there's a message from last March! Yes, March of 2009!! From a CUSTOMER. Oy vey! I replied to her too, but again...we'll see what happens. I hope I don't have these issues with the new host.

Did I mention this frustrates me?? I don't handle incompetency well. Especially when it show my incompetency!  Goodnight.