Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reading with My Son

I love books.  My husband loves books.  So it seems natural that our son likes books-until you know that he's our foster son and there's no biological reason for it.  Could be that he sees us read and wants to do what we do, could just be a natural love of books.  He's all boy when it comes to high speed energy, so it amazes me when I see him grab a few books and sit down to "read" them.  Yes, he's just 4 and can't read the words, but he knows the story(ies).  He's recently been demonstrating how well he knows these stories by "reading" the books to me.  It started with Dr Seuss' In a People House.  I read it to him pointing to the pictures as I said the words.  I'm not sure how many times I read it before he was reading it to me, but it wasn't more than 3.  Now I read the black words and he reads the red words (or maybe it's the other way around).  I found more books at the library that were like it, and sure enough, he could hear the story once and then tell it back to me.  I'm sure the pictures help him remember what to say, but I think his memory is amazing.  Tonight I read The Runaway Bunny for about the third time this week, but I didn't read it.  First, we got out Good Night Moon and compared the pictures in the two books (same author, same artist).  Then I opened it and he started reading.  I don't even think I prompted him.  He can tell the story almost word for word already.  I was thinking about recording him reading it to have for future.  Yes, my son is a genius!  wink wink