Monday, January 25, 2010

2010 Goals

I added a list in the right hand side bar of the things I want to learn to do or accomplish in 2010. As I complete an item I'll put the date in (parenthesis). It should be an evolving list, and I'll probably make a few posts explaining how I plan to do some of these things.

Like sewing-I want to learn by someone showing me, not by reading a book. That works for some things, but I just can't see myself figuring out the fine art of stitching by reading about it. I tried my local community college, no sewing classes. I posted an ad at craiglist and got 2 replies, but it was more expnesive than I anticipated.

Finally, I mentioned it to a friend and she reminded me that her sister in law is a fabulous seamstress and quilt maker and would probably be thrilled to teach me. Yay! Someone I already know that would not see it as drudgery to teach total novice to sew. I have yet to call her, as the idea came just days before the birth of our calf and the flooding rain and snow storms that passed thru last week. After catching up on what didn't get done last week, I'll call her.

So that's my plan for now-even though my to do list seems to be overflowing and at times overwhelming, if I don't have some sort of agenda, it just won't happen. The next two "out of the ordinary" priority tasks are to establish a milking routine with Elsie and then get my baby chicks ordered/build their outdoor run. Maybe I could clone myself...