Thursday, January 21, 2010

I don't think the adventure is over yet!

Can I go to sleep now? We were up til about 2 last night planning what to do with our herd if/when the creek rises, and gathering supplies. I thought I'd be able to sleep in but was up at my normal time. I thought today would be uneventful-just housecleaning and packing a suitcase in case we need to leave. Tony had fed the animals before I got up and the report was all were happy and fairly dry. Good. I won't have to go outside until about noon.
He planned to go to work. He left but returned shortly after with a few things we might need here and the trailer to load the riding mower on before the ground gets too soggy. That was my first trip outside. Since I was there I went ahead and did the noon feeding and tried to make some drainage ditches in the critter corral. We also thought it would be a good time to make sure Jasper was suckling and getting enough to eat. He seemed to get a bit, but not a lot, and restraining Elsie was no picnic!
Tony really felt he needed to get to work so we stopped the outdoor chores and came in. Both of us changed into dry clothes and he left. Then the call came. He locked his keys in the car-must have hit the button with his knee when he changed out of his boots. While that was happening I learned that I needed to do more to get Jasper eating. We bought a calf nipple bottle and tried the whole thing again. Got some milk from Elsie (it really should have been video taped) but Jasper wouldn't suckle. Called the woman we bought her from.
Back to the feed store for a large syringe. Got Elsie tied up a new way-with front leg restrained so she won't kick with her back legs. I was told we needed to get a quart into Jasper ASAP. With a syringe that holds two ounces?? We got 8 ounces in that way and he started to get up, so we draped a jacket over him and let him go to Elsie since she was still restrained. Oh yeah, did I mention we're under evacuation watch because of all the rain? Got the papers Weds and we're to be ready to leave if they come back.
In the second round of trying to restrain Elsie, she started to look odd so we called the vet. We've never met this vet and he was helping someone throw sandbags around their house but he'd be here soon. While we were waiting is when Jasper started suckling, but I felt the cost of the visit was worth my peace of mind. He checked mama and baby and pronounced both in good health, but suggested we get her out of the low lying pasture ASAP. Old timer that was here for the flood of '93 and saw how high this creek was...since we don't own a stock trailer and have to rely on others for help we decided to move her at that point instead of waiting until the middle of the night and NEEDING to do it NOW.
We took the goats too, but they weren't happy about it. The only shelter at the other place is a large awning-no walls. We went back to check them around 10 and they were on the opposite end of the property waiting for us to come back. We loaded them and Jasper in the truck and brought them back home. I hope Elsie isn't over there bellowing for her calf. She didn't make any noise when Tony carried him off and didn't try to follow, so hopefully she's OK being separated.
We gave Jasper some milk we'd set aside in the fridge (warmed of course) and he happily fell asleep on the living room floor. We'll take him back at sunrise and see if Elsie will let him suckle while we figure out the best way to put up temporary walls. In the rain. And wind. Yes, we live in AZ and are sissies with the weather!
I know we each had 3 pairs of pants and hooded jackets get soaked today. They've been dried and are ready for what tomorrow brings. Maybe if I plan to be busy it'll be peaceful and quiet! I'll let ya know!