Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ya Just Never Know...

Ya Just Never Know...what to expect in a day when you're the mom of a preschooler.  We gave him JumpStart Preschool for Christmas (that's another post) and I just recently installed it for him to start playing.  He was busy with that so I went out to be a pooper scooper.  He knew I was outside and knew how to get my attention if he needed anything.  I think he clicked a wrong button or something because as I was finishing up he was calling for me.  Cleared the error message and got him started again. 

Now out to milk the goats.  Same scenario, same instructions.  I'll be outside, if you need me go out the back door and you'll see me.  Imagine my surprise when I walk in and he's not at the computer and I can hear him crying!  "What's wrong",  I yelled out.  "I'm crying cuz I thought the monsters ate you.  I was playing my game and had to poop and called you to wipe my butt.  When you didn't come I thought you were dead!"  Oh my goodness!  Do I laugh or cry?  Or wonder why he's so quick to think of death?  I patted him on the head and cleaned him up and everything was all better.