Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring on the Farm

It's probably just an early warming trend that will all too soon disappear, but yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day!  My son was at preschool, my husband at work and I had a few spare moments to just enjoy the wonderful sunshine.  I sat down on the hill in the backyard looking into the sun.  One hen was on her nest, the other 2 were scratching around for food.  The herd (mama and baby cow, 2 dairy goats and a whether) were ALL lying down enjoying the sun too (OK, I don't really know what they think and feel, but how could it be anything else?) and not up wondering why I wasn't bringing them food.  It was a very contented 15 minutes.  I even laid down and let the sun's warmth seep into my bones.

I think the chickens are glad to have more daylight, they seem a bit more active.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so I've enjoyed the sun again today.  If I could just see my laptop screen while outside, I'd sit out there to get some paperwork done!

Jasper likes to run around the corral about an hour before sunset.  He has a route he runs, kicking up his heals and trying his best to moo.  It sounds like a deep goat bleat still.