Saturday, February 13, 2010

Crazy Farm Animals

Ever wonder what they do at night? Do they sleep? Stare at the stars? Freak out over glowing eyes in the dark? Do you ever go out to spy on them?

We had a late afternoon wedding to attend today, so the evening feeding was late. It was already dark and I took some carrots for treats while Tony dispensed the hay. The upper level of our property has a sodium vapor light that shines part way into the pen, but most of it is dark, so we see shadows amongst the strips of light.

Molly the goat is usually the first to come to the fence when treats are dispensed but she wasn't moving. Upon staring her direction long enough for my eyes to adjust I noticed that Jasper, the 3 week old calf, has mounted her! I burst out laughing! Maybe Alpine's will go into heat in seasons beyond fall?

Not what I expected to see, but it was good for a laugh!