Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Great News!

We got word yesterday that the judge severed parental rights for our foster son, so he is now available to be adopted!! This is our first time through the process so I'm not entirely sure how it works from here, but I'll know more Thursday afternoon. I think bio parents get a "goodbye" visit with him and then there are no more visits. There's a severance hearing and then an adoption hearing and all of this should be finalized by the end of summer. I hope the part about only 1 more visit is true-I've felt all along that the extremes in his behavior will dissipate when he has a sense of permanency and I want to give him that as soon as we can do it with assurance.

On an unrelated note, but still good news, it doesn't appear that Elsie's mastitis was very bad. It seems to have cleared up on its own. So glad that I don't have to insert a plastic syringe up the infected teat!