Thursday, February 11, 2010

It Smells Like Idaho in My Backyard

But I live in AZ. It's my cow, I'm sure of it. All the stuff she's depositing in the pasture is making it smell like my grandma's house. OK, not inside her house...

My mom was born and raised in Idaho and most all of the family still lives there. We visit every couple of years and while I was milking Elsie today I noticed that the scent outside reminded me of those visits. They used to have a cow. I remember my grandpa trying to show me how to milk her, but I couldn't do it. I can now!

We had a FABULOUS sunny day today and it has really helped my mood! I even told Tony that it's been a very long time since I felt peace or joy and today I think I felt both. I'd like to think that's God's way of encouraging us to go ahead and build out house because it will be greater potential for this type of day when Tony has a shop at home. He basically took the afternoon off to help me milk the silly cow and build a second stall. The first will become Jasper's pen and the one next to it will be where we milk Elsie. Jasper will be able to nurse the left side while I milk out the right side.

I also had an idea for being able to use both hands and keep the milk bucket from getting knocked over. I think I'll get a large galvanized tub that's high enough on the sides to keep her hooves out and set the bucket inside to milk.

I got 3 qts from Elsie and 3 qts from the goats. She better pick up production!