Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friend, Part 5 of 6

I recently read a statement that went something like this, “A friend is the best thing you can have and the best thing you can be.” I think that sums it up, but what does that look like? I’m sure it’s as varied as the number of friendships that exits, but aren’t there some basic characteristics in each? Like trust, giving and receiving, concern, caring, kindness. It probably helps to have things in common, but I doubt that’s required.

Friendship is something that seems elusive to me. Yes, I have friends. I also have acquaintances. What I don’t have is a lifelong friend from childhood. I don’t even know where most of the people I was friends with as a kid are anymore. I’m thinking the friendships weren’t all that deep if we were all willing to go our separate ways and lose touch. So what does it mean to be a friend? I’ve been at a point in my life lately where I really question this. A friend is something I desperately need, yet I lack the time to see one develop.

I’ve heard it said that as far as priorities go, it should look like this: God first, spouse second, children third, and everyone and everything after that. Maybe the reason I don’t have the friendships I desire is because I don’t have the other priorities straight. Hmmm, something to consider.