Sunday, February 7, 2010

Purrsy's Injury

My poor kitty is limping! I noticed it yesterday afternoon-he's not using his back right leg. The bone doesn't feel broken and there's no break in the skin. Nothing look unusual, so what's wrong? After several hours I finally figured it out. A couple of days ago I rolled my desk chair back to stand up and he squealed and ran off. Since he ran off I figured I must have just got his tail. I certainly didn't roll over anything big enough to notice, so why is he limping? I'm wondering if I got some skin around the top of the wheel and in the caster and just bruised him well...
He still goes out thru the cat door to do his duty, and can jump off the bed, so he's not hurt too badly. He always comes when Rags (one of our older cats) meows, and today was no different, so I think he's gonna be alright!