Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That

The hard drive on my laptop is misbehaving.  I wonder if it's been hanging around with my son!  OK, seriously I think I will have to replace it again.  I'm using Tony's computer now.  Besides being computer-less we've been gone and busy, so there hasn't been much online time.

We castrated Jasper today-banded his testacles.  We would be my husband and SD's boyfriend.  We just met him today too.  We enjoyed their company and had a good visit.  They both tried milking Annie the goat and were able to get a little milk from her.

I think my son has seasonal allergies.  He's kinda wet and coughing-similar to what I experience.  I thought it might be something more because his cheeks and ears were red and hot.  A couple of hours later though I took his temp and he's fine.  He'll get to go to preschool tomorrow after all.

I had to clean out the fridge today to reclaim my quart jars.  It was a process!  I had a gallon of Elsie milk that's a few weeks old that I fed to the chickens and cats.  I combined the individual day's qt jars into gallon jars and have nearly a gallon of cow milk and over a gallon of goat milk.  I even used 2 qts of cow milk to make yogurt and have that much left.  We made ice cream over the weeked with cream from Elsie-it's good!

Elsie is getting a little easier to milk, but still tries to swipe my hand away.  Once we get Jasper's pen done I think things will be easier.

I suppose if I keep going it won't be just a little of this or that any more, so I must quit - or change the title!