Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yeah, you read that right.  Purrsy is a girl!  I'm trying to remember what made me think she was a boy when this little bundle of purrs showed up at our house, but I'm almost sure we could see little testicles.  Just before bedtime last night he was acting strange-something was bothering him.  He would purr thru a stunted meow over and over again and then flop on the ground.  Thinking this cat is a boy I wondered if he might have some blockage in the urinary tract from eating mostly dry cat food.  He never winced from pain when petting him or touching his entire body though.  We gave him a can of moist food and a little milk, neither of which he really wanted, and tried to comfort him.  Shortly after that he decided to go outside and we thought it was over.  Nope.  He came in later in the night still "upset" and me not able to calm him.  Finally around 5AM Tony said we needed to take him to the vet.  I told him there was a 24 hour vet on Main St, should we take him now?  So Tony took him, only to return about 30 minutes later with the news that Purrsy is a girl and is in heat!  I thought the symptoms looked like heat, but quickly dismissed it because we thought she was a boy.  How will we ever be successful farmers if we can't tell the sex of a kitten?!