Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wellness Wednesday, January 26th

I haven't been...well.  That January sunshine I've been loving makes the juniper trees bloom and I'm allergic.  I could feel my body fighting with allergy like symptoms, but it's only January!  It wasn't until a woman at church that's lived in this area a very long time mentioned the juniper trees that I realized I am  fighting allergies.

It hadn't ever been more than an itchy nose and occasionally itchy facial skin, but then we broke our healthy eating code and ordered pizza one night.  And had bbq on white buns and cake the next day at church.  Within a couple of days I was miserable.  It got worse, but is now getting better.  It might not be related to the processed food we ate, but the timing is sure interesting.  I believe our healthier diet helped me overcome my ragweed allergy, so I'm believing diet will work on this allergen too.

We made homemade toothpaste the other day.  I like it, but son and husband aren't thrilled.  I'll keep searching for one without baking soda.  Don't tell anyone near me, but I stopped using my antiperspirant/deodorant over a week ago.  I don't like the feeling of my bare skin, but at the end of the day, I don't stink.  Granted, it's winter and I'm not doing much to work up a sweat, but it's a better place to start.

I'm continuing my lessons at Anne's Health Place.  I like what she has to say and am hoping what I'm learning can be put into practice to further heal this adrenal fatigue.  We've also been experimenting with our juicer.  Celery juice is very salty!  Beet juice aggravates our throats.  Carrot is the best!

One last note.  Lisa at WellGroundedLife is starting a 12 week course called Designed for Wellness this Saturday.  If you're interested, check out the link to enroll.