Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up Jan 15th

Is January really half over already?  Winter is supposed to be a time of slowing down, doing less and resting, isn't it?  Guess I just need to learn to accept the marching on of time...

I found a web site this week that I didn't include in Friday Favorites because I haven't used it enough to know if it'll really be a favorite.  I like the concept, need to see if it works in reality.  It's called Recipe Nut.  The site states, Now you can save recipes from anywhere and share them with anyone. Sign up
I've used it several times to save a recipe, but have yet to search for a new one there or refer back to the ones I've saved.  I like that I can keep all of the recipes I want to use in one place though.

I was glad to hear that our AZ Governer, Jan Brewer, signed emergency legislation to prevent the Westboro Baptist Church picketers from getting too close to the funerals of the victims of last Saturday's shootings in Tucson.  Can someone please explain to me how this (picketing a funeral) honors God?

One of our yearlings is getting close to kidding.  Her earliest due date is Jan 22nd.  She spent a month with our buck, so I've calculated the date based on the first day she was there thru the last.  She's been showing signs of labor (maybe I'm using the wrong terminology) such as her udder enlarging and periods of mucous discharge.  I started training her to the milk stand last week.  She's got a longer walk to get there because she's in a pen with Yodelady who refuses to give up nursing even though she's now 7 months old, so I lure her up with a banana peel or some such treat.  When she gets about 40 ft away she remembers what's up there and runs to the stand.  She came to us at 2 months of age and already had horns-this will be my first time milking a horned goat.  I don't foresee any problems, but am watching out for it.  It does make it a challenge to walk her by holding her collar.

Our son likes to help bring wood into the house for the wood stove.  He's also becoming fascinated with numbers and uses them a lot, albeit incorrectly or vaguely.  He told Tony tonight, with an arm load of wood, that he better hurry and open the door because it was getting heavy, it was about seven eight.  That's how he says things.  He'll ask, "Do you know how much I love you?  About 1080."

My weekend reading will come from Kate at Kitchen Stewardship.  She's done a lot of research on grains and all the controversy surrounding eating them.  I'm really only aware that there is a debate, and not too informed about just what the debate is, or why.  Looking forward to becoming more educated on the topic.

Anyone use Dr Bronner's products?  I was going to buy some castille soap tonight until I read this rhetoric on the label.  Read the print (you'll have to enlarge it) to the right of the "not animal tested" logo (a bunny).  What are they talking about??

So these are the highlights of our week.  Kinda boring huh?  Oh, check out the 2011 goals box at the bottom of the blog.