Wednesday, January 5, 2011

12 Days With No 'Poo

My last post I made a list of all the beauty/personal care items used most often by most women.  What I didn't share was that I'd already stopped using shampoo.  Not too long ago, but I did finally try it out.  I want it to work, and am willing to wait it out, but right now-it's just not working.  To see my hair, you probably wouldn't know it, but to feel it...yeah, I can tell.  It feels a little greasy-not so much oily as others have found, and slightly matted, even though it is combed and snarl free.

Tony agreed to try it too, and with his short hair I think it's working just fine.  His hair feels just as soft and smooth as it always has.  I'm wondering if I should get a blunt cut for a while?  I think my ends are dry and that's affecting things.  Sounds contradictory, but that's what's happening.  Now for a few details.
  1. Prior to this experiment, I washed every other day.
  2. My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it.
  3. I'm using about a teaspoon of baking soda to about a half cup of water, every other day.
  4. Until today, I hadn't used the vinegar rinse, as I didn't have apple cider vinegar, but tried white distilled today.  I think it made a slight improvement, but am withholding final judgement on that until I've used it again.
  5. On Monday I used goat milk soap instead of baking soda, and took a shower instead of a bath.  Can't say either made much difference.
  6. One day, I simply put dry baking soda on my dry hair and massaged it into my scalp before rinsing out.  Not sure that did anything either.
I'm sure there are other methods of ridding the shower of commercially produced, chemically laden shampoos, and if I don't see better results in the next week or so, I'll start exploring those routes.  I have a recipe for making toothpaste, I just haven't written it down so that I'll do it.  I also found a homemade hairspray recipe while looking for more hair cleaning methods.  Two other things I want to try are homemade deodorant, and the oil cleansing method for face cleaning.  One thing at a time.  Yeah right!