Monday, January 3, 2011

Replacing Chemically Based Personal Care Products with Natural Options

I've sorta been working on this.  I know that there are chemicals in my personal care products repertoire that aren't good for me, but knowing how to change that takes a bit more thought and/or a bit more money.  Last year I learned how to make laundry soap for a bit more than $1 for nearly two years worth of washes, and how to use vinegar and essential oils to replace bleach and other harsh chemicals, so why can't I learn to make some of my personal care items?  I think I can!  I found this list at The WellGrounded Life and turned it into a spreadsheet that I then prioritized.  The copy/paste routine from Excel didn't maintain columns, but I think you can tell from the list what's what.  It's sorted by how often I use the product and then how quickly I think I can replace it.  Notice that there are many that I didn't mark with any priority for replacing-just not there yet!  What about you?  Have any experience with home made personal care items that you'd like to share?  I'll be posting progress as we go!

Personal Care Item Use Frequency Priority

shampoo, 2 I
hair spray, 2 I
toothpaste, 1 I
conditioner, 3 S
body wash, 3 s
body scrub, 3 W
deodorant, 1 W
Soap 1 w
hair gel, 2 ?
mousse, 2 ?
body lotion, 1 ?
insect repellent 4 D
face cream, 6
eye cream, 6
toner,  6
eye liner, 6
eye shadow, 6
eyebrow pencil, 6
foundation, 6
concealer, 6
makeup remover, 6
hair straightener, 6
whitening strips, 6
suntan lotion, 6
sunless tanning lotion, 6
antiaging cream, 6
vaginal deodorant or douche, 6
shaving cream, 6
acne treatment, 6
face wash, 5
perfume, 5
lipstick, 5
lip gloss, 5
nail polish, 5
nail polish remover, 5
mascara, 5
blush, 5
powder, 5
hair dye, 5
priority I=immediately, S=soon, W=when it runs out, D=done
use frequency 1=daily, 2=several times per week, 3=weekly, 4=several times per month, 5=rarely, 6=never