Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Plan for the Blog This Year

When I started this blog, it was on the recommendation of a friend as a place to record my private thoughts.  I quickly decided I liked having comments and the privateness never really happened.  I usually just post about what's happening in my life, and not on a regular basis.  The name was meant to be all encompassing so that I wouldn't be restricted by it.  With my 1 year blogging anniversary approaching I've decided to be a bit more routine in posting.  This is my posting plan: (Did you know you can schedule when a post goes live?)
  • Sunday Scripture-whatever God has laid on my heart.  Those Scriptures that have deeper meaning in my life in general or for the current season of life.
  • Wednesday Wellness-our ongoing efforts to clean up what we eat, what's in our household cleaners and what we use for personal care.
  • Friday Favorites-web sites, stories, etc that have caused me to save to Favorites or sing up for email updates, and why I like it so much.
  • Saturday Farm Report-wrap-up of the week.  Items of interest that maybe weren't enough to warrant a full post.
I also think I want to participate more in the sites that invite readers to post links to their blog if there's an associated story, and maybe  even host some.

Next task-to see if there's a template to introduce those days so that I don't have to type it every week, or even copy/paste it.