Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up Jan 22nd

Disclaimer.  No names have been changed in these actual events, but I do have the "victim's" permission to share the stories with you!
Last Friday night we made fried cod and french fried sweet potatoes for dinner.  There's a billboard in town for the restaurant at the casino and it's a huge plate of beer battered cod with fries and a lemon wedge.  Makes me want to head right over every time I see it!  But I don't.  It'd be fried in vegetable oil, and the tarter sauce would be made with soybean oil.  Two no-no's around here.  So we made our own.  Except I forgot the tartar sauce and malt vinegar.  What was I thinking??  It turned out alright, but the coconut oil wasn't hot enough and the fries were limp.  We had enough to do it again, so we made more on Sunday.

Having discussed it we decided to make sure the oil was hotter, and to use a metal strainer to put the cooked fish in, instead of just on a plate lined with paper towels.  My darling husband attempted to put the sweet potatoes in directly from the bowl and they all fell out at once, causing the oil to boil over and start on fire!  With God's protection, it didn't flame up very high, and we were able to put it out with baking soda.  After reheating the oil we cooked everything to perfection!  The metal strainer kept the batter crispy even as the fish cooled.  While I got to cook it in coconut oil, there was not any way to obtain tarter sauce without soybean oil, so I had to compromise.  All mayo in this town is made with it, and all tartar sauce.  A few days earlier I had made my own mayo, but something just wasn't right, so the chickens got to eat it.

Saturday night was exciting too.  It was late, we had accomplished a lot, and were each relaxing while reading email.  I could see Purrsy watching for something and realized she was playing Cat & Mouse with a live mouse.  I knew between the 3 cats it wouldn't get away alive, but we watched the show.  Tony tried to help them, and that caused the cats to back off.  While he was trying to redirect it to them, it almost ran up his leg and he squealed about like I would have.  I laughed pretty good over that, since he teases me about it when I do it.  Actually I think he thinks it's cute.  They did eventually eat it, but I'm surprised the mouse hadn't died from heart failure!

That was all last weekend.  More happened this week, I'm sure, but all I can think of right now is going to bed.  The juniper trees are blooming and I've been miserable since.  I have pictures of all the work we did last Saturday, so come back later and check for updates!