Monday, January 24, 2011


Sugar and Spice. Twin baby girl goats born this afternoon!

Sugar still not fully out yet.

Cuddling already.

Learning to walk.
Happy Farmer Boy!
I know those things are supposed to be around here somewhere!  Did you bring the map?

Based on gestation time, Cream was due starting on Saturday.  We started noticing signs of labor two weeks ago, and I've been taking her to the milk stand daily ever since.  I've read that the udder gets very tight just before labor, so that's what I've been checking.  At milking time yesterday, the udder wasn't tight, so I wasn't expecting babies today.  I went outside around 115 to let my hair dry in the sun.  Goober Gus had been out playing near her pen and I asked if there were any new babies, to which he replied No.  I sat down to talk to Tony on the phone and heard Cream make a noise so I walked over and sure enough, Sugar is about to be born!  I hung up so I could take a picture-the first one above is actually the 2nd picture, but it's a better one than the first.  Cream was very attentive, licking the goo off, when she stopped, layed down and plopped out Spice.  14 minutes between photos, so not much time between deliveries.  She then took turns cleaning each one and letting them try to walk on their own.  She's been quite good with them, actually.  I gave her some shredded beet pulp with maple syrup, then she got fresh beets, banana peels and carrot shreds.

This is a series of firsts on our farm:
  • first pregnancy to occur in our possession
  • first set of twins
  • first time to have 3 generations together
We're very excited, and feel so blessed that God has given us animal mamas that have easy pregnancies and births!  Time to go check the little darlings again.  Sugar was having a bit of a hard time getting any milk, and Cream was still delivering afterbirth, so I want to see how she does now.