Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up Jan 29th

Goober Gus was sick yesterday.  At first he just complained that his legs hurt.  When the complaint is that generic I generally ignore it.  Then he said his head hurt and he wanted to watch a movie.  Oh, so it's a ploy to get to watch a movie?  I told him that if he didn't feel good he should go back to bed, that's what people that don't feel good do.  He didn't want to, but within 15 minutes he was in bed and asking me to read to him.  His cheeks were flushed, so I'm sure he had a bit of a fever.  I bought some arnica for the pain and he got thru it.  I was quite amazed by how polite he was while not feeling well.  I told him I was proud of him for continuing to remember his manners even when he didn't feel good.

On Wednesday we got to see my sister in law and her 3 month old son, Simon.  He's changed a lot just since we saw him New Year's day.  We spent the day shopping and had lunch together.  Goober wants a baby brother.

The neighbors had family over today and two of the kids came over to play with Gus.  He was in heaven showing them our baby goats and the tree he likes to climb, and....

Tony took pictures of me with Sugar and Spice. 
Mama's making sure they're OK.

Goober joins the fun!

Warm enough to wear shorts!

This is the second time today that Spice was willing to just lay on my lap.  She makes no effort to leave, just sits there taking in all the attention.  I could sit there in the sun with this cutie on my lap for hours!