Thursday, January 27, 2011

Friday Favorites January 28th

My favorite thing this week?  The birth of our twin goats, of course!  Total cuteness, right here.  Our question now is-do we keep them, or plan to sell them?  Or sell any of the other goats?  Last summer, with just 2 really providing a large portion of our milk, we had more than we could handle.  This summer we will have 5 in full time production, plus more baby goats.  We currently have 8 does.  Yodelady seems to be stuck at her current size and we don't feel she's big enough to be bred.  Maybe we sell her as a pet?  What do we do with the kids that Annie, Molly and Peaches will have in May?  I could milk 5 does, and find an outlet for selling the milk and/or cheese, but I'll need to be prepared for the extra workload.  We just need to be thinking about how many we want in our herd.

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