Friday, April 23, 2010

Udder Amazement

Pun TOTALLY intended.  OK, so Claude is almost 11 months old-6 months past freezer time in my book.  Since that's Tony's job though, I didn't push.  Until Claude started pushing me.  Monday he rammed the back of my leg with his horned head and left a nasty little bruise.  That's when I issued the ultimatum.  Claude is gone by the end of the week or I stop milking.  Claude left yesterday.  I showed up to milk today and poor Annie had such a HUGE udder she was walking bow legged.  I usually milk her 2nd, but in her condition had pitty on her and did her first.  I didn't bring enough food to entertain her while I milked her out, so I didn't get it all.  Molly's udder seemed a bit fuller too.  My estimation from how full the pail was, was close to a gallon.  I was a little off, but I got 5 pints where I've been barely getting 2!  Plus there's probably another quart left between the two of them.  Time to go to twice a day milking and taking more food with me!


Annie-Claude's mom and first place winner for most milk at a single milking!

Molly-my prancer-dancer.


  1. Great pictures. So the milk amount has gone up for you. That's good news. I should be Fed-Xing my scraps for you to feed them. lol Where's pic of Jo playing with baby goat?

  2. Annie must be a good mom, many of our Boer does start self-weaning their kids sooner than 11months old for sure! I have had a couple young bucklings that would try me by butting the back of my legs, it hurts! I push them down on the ground, I don't hurt them but I will hold them down until they "give up" and are passive about it and I do that every time they try to butt me or push their heads against me. It often helps a lot in changing their behavior. You should have lots of milk now! Time to make cheese?

  3. Laura-scraps would be fabulous! Too bad we can't actually do it. Pics of new goats and Jo later.

    Jenniefer-she was a strange mom. She wouldn't let him nurse when he was first born. We had to hold her still while he nursed. Then when he was old enough to start eating she started letting him nurse. I don't get it!

  4. Perfect! You can make ALL the cheese you want!!!
    I need another lactating doe, for sure.

  5. We found a lady giving away her herd on freecycle, but can't connect with her to go see them. There are 3 pregnant does in her small herd-each a different breed and we thought it might be interesting to have a variety and see if the milk is different. We could also rotate who's in milk so that each gets a break and we always have fresh milk. So now I just need to order those supplies...