Friday, April 23, 2010

Udder Amazement

Pun TOTALLY intended.  OK, so Claude is almost 11 months old-6 months past freezer time in my book.  Since that's Tony's job though, I didn't push.  Until Claude started pushing me.  Monday he rammed the back of my leg with his horned head and left a nasty little bruise.  That's when I issued the ultimatum.  Claude is gone by the end of the week or I stop milking.  Claude left yesterday.  I showed up to milk today and poor Annie had such a HUGE udder she was walking bow legged.  I usually milk her 2nd, but in her condition had pitty on her and did her first.  I didn't bring enough food to entertain her while I milked her out, so I didn't get it all.  Molly's udder seemed a bit fuller too.  My estimation from how full the pail was, was close to a gallon.  I was a little off, but I got 5 pints where I've been barely getting 2!  Plus there's probably another quart left between the two of them.  Time to go to twice a day milking and taking more food with me!


Annie-Claude's mom and first place winner for most milk at a single milking!

Molly-my prancer-dancer.