Friday, April 16, 2010

A Fitting End to the Day

I had every intention today of doing a post "picturing" my day.  I took pictures of a few of the events that happened this morning, with plans of continuing that into the afternoon.  My son and I ended up at the creek playing and I didn't have the camera, nor could I leave him at the creek to come get it, so we missed those.  We were going to snuggle with a movie for quiet time, but I noticed at 1:51PM that I had an appointment to donate blood at 2.  So much for resting! 

I arrived at 2:04PM and they were behind.  It would be at least 2:30 before they could get me in.  This is a blood mobile, so there wasn't even a place to sit down.  My husband had forgotten his appointment at 12:45, but came when he heard I was running over for mine.  We stood around talking and I let him go first because he needed to get back to work.  Son and I waited in the car.  At 3:10 they called me for my turn.  Preliminary questions are asked and my finger is poked to check my iron level.  12.4.  It has to be 12.5 to donate.  Try again.  12.2.  OK, so instead of quiet cuddle time with my son, we spend an hour and a half waiting to find out that I can't even donate.  Oh well, at least that helped move the schedule along-the next person didn't have to wait so long.

Internal debate now becomes whether to skip milking the goats and just go rest (hey, my blood iron level is low, I have a good excuse for being tired!) or do I delay the rest I was seeking and do what needs to be done?  Milking won.  We got everything ready and headed over to the pasture.  We had extra ripe bananas to give them for snacks.  They each got 3 or 4 before we even went thru the gate.  Molly was extra stubborn.  Started prancing WAY before usual and still had food.  I wasn't going to let her win this time, but I didn't have any supplies there.  I took the old knife I use to stir up the food and tried hacking through a piece of rope to tie her back legs.  She was on to me.  She got belligerint and so did I.  The whole milk stand ended up on its side.  Took her away and brought Annie in.  SHE started in with me too!  She's usually the mild mannered one that lets me do whatever I need to do.  I got what I could from her and quit before she could step in it and really make me mad.

Oh yeah, one of the reasons that Molly was so agitated was because my son wouldn't quit hollering to me from halfway across the field.  We irrigated yesterday and he was running through it.  That would have been OK, but I didn't want him to get his clothes wet and thus the inside of the car muddy.  He did anyway.  Walking abck to the car (on the opposite end of the pasture) he chose the muddiest path of all.  Yes, he is a boy.  I forget.  I also forget what a tom boy I was.  So I gave up my nap to milk the goats, got about half of what I should, and a muddy child to boot!  And still no camera.

Alright, driving home I chose to change the course of the events and attitudes and took son out to the goat pen here at the house to feed raisins to our new goats.  I forgot to take the camera again.  But that's OK because as I plugged the cable in to upload and prepare this post, it stopped working.  It beeps like it should, but never uploads.  I'll have to try again later.  Isn't that what I should have expected today?

  1. Cut my thumb while cutting pineapple for breakfast.
  2. Tried to mow lawn with riding mower-battery is dead because ds turned the light on and left it.
  3. Decided to do as much as I could with the gas push mower-the ignition cable came all the way out.
  4. Late for blood donation and then didn't get to donate because of low iron.
  5. Fiasco with the goats.
  6. Pictures won't upload.
Seeing the good when I can:
  1. I got to laugh with my son while playing with the goats.
  2. I got to laugh again watching him play in the creek.
  3. We got to see Daddy in the middle of the day.
  4. We got to see 17 geese and 2 ducks hanging out at the pasture in the irrigation water.
  5. We are in pj's at 6PM!
  6. We will snuggle and watch movies tonight and maybe even order pizza in-Daddy is working late.  Oh check out why he's working late...
  7. Tony builds carbon fiber cello's for a living.  This is the detail work he's doing on the current one that the customer is paying a premium to have.  Each of those diamonds and squares is hand punched and placed.  Yes, he has talent and patience for tedious work!
    As I got up to get my phone and transfer this picture, I saw one of our baby chicks laying in an awkward position.  The kitten had got her with her claw and she didn't survive.  Maybe I should just go to bed now?!