Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blogging Bee #2

I tried this about a month ago and was going to do it every week, then didn't-I think the next one I wanted to do was more involved than what I had time for, or something like that!  This is from Amy at Homestead Revival:
The Blogging Bee is simply an opportunity for bloggers to share what they gleaned from reading other blogs during the week by writing about it on their own blog. It could be something new you leaned or simply just a great idea that you'd like to share. Besides passing on good information, it's designed to recognize other bloggers. Thus, the reason why you post links to their blog in your write up.
There are three steps to this fun event:

1) Write a post telling something(s) you learned or liked this week from another blog that is worth passing on.

2) Grab the graphic above, add it onto your post and link back to Homestead Revival. To do this, just click on the title above, copy the URL, and link it or embed it in your blog.

3) Come back and add your name and your own URL to Mr. Linky below.
My favorite's this week:
  1. Amy had a post about processing chickens the day after my husband volunteered to help a friend that has never done it.  Tony processed our Thanksgiving turkey, but beyond that he's never done it either!  The photos and basic steps will be helpful!
  2. Polly gave me good instructions for making Chevre with all of our newfound goats milk.
  3. Kat has been inspiring me with many of her posts, but this one was probably the most influential so far-how to have some purpose in our laid back attitude for summer!
So that's a blogging bee! Just do the same over at your own blog, add the graphic, link here, and come back and add your URL to Mister Linky below. I can't wait to read the treasures you've found!