Sunday, March 21, 2010

Out of Africa

There's a wildlife park in our town called Out of Africa.  They used to be located outside of Fountain Hills, a suburb (sorta?) of Phoenix and I went a lot the first few years they were open.  I haven't been since they moved here, and probably for 10 years now.  My bil gave us tickets for a Christmas gift a couple of years ago and we just went today!  Our son loved it-he was running ahead, eager to see each new lion or animal.  Towards the end he even made a friend who was visiting with his family from southern Mexico.  He can't whistle, but he can sure immitate the sound and he'd get ahead of us and "whistle" for us to catch up to him.  We got to "feed a tiger" and follow along with the feed truck as they tossed chunks of meat to all the carnivores.  Now we know why hyenas are called laughing hyenas-it was a funny sound!  Not sure why I didn't take a picture, but there was a small leopard/cheetah/some type of cat that was missing its front right leg.  She did alright without it!  Tony got some great shots of the giraffe.  It was a great Sunday outting!  Enjoy the pictures.