Monday, March 1, 2010

Disaster Turned to Play Time

So this normally "no fun" mom finally just let go and enjoyed the moment for what it was-a chance to play with my son and have a good time. 

I've been having problems with a hard water residue being deposited on my dishes while in the dishwasher and wondered if it might be my homemade dish powder, so I put a little liquid (not meant for dishwasher) soap in the dispenser and ran it.  We started noticing the bubbles shortly after and just used it as an opportunity to clean the floor.  Once the load was done I opened the door to asses the damage and the bottom had about a six inch layer of suds!  I took the bottom rack out and grabbed a big load of bubbles and blew them at my son, who decided it was like snow and we had a "snowball" fight in the kitchen!  He loved it and I didn't mind that we were making a mess!  Afterwards he helped me clean up without even being asked!  I'll have to try that approach again...  I was going to take some pictures, but that would have ended the moment.