Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day Two of My New Plan

Yesterday I started a new approach to my many and varied tasks.  Mondays are focused on food-meal planning, grocery shopping, food prep.  I had a longish list yesterday and rather than feel bad for not completing it, I readjusted my expectations to a more realistic level and had a full day.

Tuesdays are for paperwork.  Personal financial stuff, the never ending "To Do" things, support for Tony's business, foster care requirements-anything like that.  Today's list was even more unrealistic, but I did accomplish two very mundane, time intensive, tasks.  I think if I stick with it I will chip away at the mound of stuff to be done.

Wednesdays are child focused.  He goes to preschool in the morning and then we'll probably have lunch at the park, play for a while and go to the library.  I'll spend the day focusing mostly on my son.

Thursdays are housecleaning day.  Ugh.  It's a small house though, so I should be able to clean it all in a few hours.  That means I can have some unplanned time too!

Friday is for outdoors-either hiking, enjoying the weather, or working on projects.  Another one of those seemingly unending lists, but the time spent working outside will be fun, right?

Now I just pray for perseverance!