Saturday, March 27, 2010

About that Blogging Bee...I hope I'm doing it right!  The instructions said to highlight something I've learned at another blog.  Right now I'm excited to have been able to follow the directions to do this, and to have found one of the sites.  I'll start small and work my way up.  I hope you'll try it out!

One post I enjoyed was found at PJ Academy meets PJ Acres.  I appreciated the photo-story in both its simplicity and the way it flowed from one picture to the next.  Now, if someone can help her remember the password to get in and change her playlist, she'd be grateful!

I was also grateful to discover A Wise Woman Builds Her Home thru an online friend at Homesteading and Homekeeping at Whisper Wind Farm.  Every time I read that verse in Proverbs 14 I ask myself if my actions and behavior are building my home.  [Side note-want to learn the Proverbs and be able to apply the lessons to your life?  Try reading one chapter per day each month.  There are 31 chapters, no month has more.  ;-)]  I digress-the Wise Woman site is new to me this week, and there are so many links there that I want to explore and just haven't made time.  Maybe after this post I'll make myself a cup of tea and READ! 

Over at Whisper Wind, I admire Kat's detailed writing about her journey as a homesteader and what her daily life looks like.  She works hard all day AND has time to write about it!  I seem to just read, need to get better at the "do" part!