Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some-things Cookin' Part Two

OK, so maybe the blog will be about cooking.  No, just when I think I've done something worth writing about.  I haven't felt like "cooking" for a few days, but don't want to fall into the trap of eating out either.  I get more rundown when that happens.  The ideal solution for me when this happens is crockpot meals, so today I dumped 3 containers of turkey stock into the pot and when they thawed, I added rice.  Voila-dinner is ready!  To make it more delectable, I made another loaf of french bread, which was a great device to soak up the yummy stock.  The stock is from the turkey we raised and butchered for Thanksgiving.  My husband thought it was a great meal, commenting that he really likes the bread, then adding that someday soon he'll also be saying that he likes the butter too.  We have the churn, we just need to try it out.  The added bonus of crockpot meals is that they're ready and waiting when we've finished evening chores.

This evening we helped a friend move her horse trailer.  The place it's being stored is along the Verde river and has been for sale for several years, several hundred thousand dollars out of our price range-still.  But it's GORGEOUS!  I was glad to have a chance to see it more than just from the road.  There was a large branch from a cottonwood tree broken off and I asked if we could haul it away for goat food.  That started a conversation and the homeowners seem interested in saving all of their tree trimmings for us!  They have a lot of trees too!  I gave them my card and I think Tony is going back Saturday to help cut up that branch and bring back a truckload full.  I love free feed for our animals!

I got some preliminary info regarding the selling of our eggs.  Apparently we can sell up 750 dozen (she wasn't sure if that was a lifetime limit or per year) from our home or farmer's market with no permit required.  If we want to sell to a restaurant or other retailer, we have to be inspected.  I have the phone number of the state agency I need to speak with and will call them tomorrow to see how much red tap and money is involved.

Oh, and I found 80 or so canning jars for sale on craigslist, but they are in a town an hour away.  Price is "make offer".  I need to call him back tomorrow too.

One last thing.  I printed the materials for the Fundamentals eCourse at GNOWFGLINS today and will pencil in times that I can take the various classes over the summer.  Did you know she changed the program to open enrollment and Donation Only for payments?  Check it out!  I'm going to start with the water kefir course.  I bought crystals last summer and tried it twice, both times failures.  I really want to learn to do it though because fizzy drinks are my weakness and if I can make one that is good for me then I can indulge freely!