Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bread Bag

This is the bread bag I made today for my sewing lesson.  The tea towel was already embroidered with the flower basket patter and had the pink edge on it.  I sewed the casing for the drawstring into place, sewed the straight hem along the left side, and then followed the scalloped edge of the pink trim for that hem.  Can you see the darker thread in the next picture?  That's my hem.  Then I threaded the ribbon through for the drawstring and voila!  A pretty bread bag!  I only had about 2 hours, and I worked on the rest of my napkins too.  My teacher suggested we spend a whole day working on stuff, so while my son is at my parents house in a few weeks I'll spend a day working on sewing projects.  I traded her a dozen eggs and a qt of milk for the lesson.  Next time I'll take more stuff, she said she'd like to try my goat cheese.