Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hooded Beach Towel Back Pack

Wow-can't believe how long it's been since I posted anything!  I have lots to say because we've been doing so much, but I want it to be somewhat organized.

Today I made this hooded beach towel back pack for my son, who is on vacation at my parents house for a week.  Gramma bought a wii for them to play with and there's a community pool-he's not going to want to come home!  I chronicled my progress.  Remember this is just my third sewing lesson.  Today actually involved reading and following directions, and cutting the material.  I even threaded the machine correctly without any help.  :-)

The project starts with two matching towels.  I found these for $5 each at one of those big box stores.  My son likes red and blue, so this was perfect.

Sewing the hem of the hood.

The elastic has been threaded thru the seam and the hood has been attached to the towel.

Pinning the the pouch onto the towel after the straps have been sewn on.

The finished project!  The towel folds up and flips inside of the pouch (sort of like folding socks) and it's ready to wear to the pool or beach!  I had enough material left from the second towel to make a wrap to put on after he takes his wet swim suit off.  I didn't take a picture because it just looks like a folded towel.