Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Sunday

I was going to call this post, Of Apricots and Eggs because we picked a few apricots and gathered eggs this evening, but then I took a picture of the potatos we had for dinner and decided to change the title.

The apricot trees were COVERED with blossoms this spring, and we hung white lights in the trees to protect against late frosts, but the wind can't be stopped, so we've got about 2 dozen fruit between the 2 trees.  This is our average daily egg collection-10.

We bought these at the farmer's market yesterday-I was surprised to see how purple the dark ones turned out!

I was so excited when the trees had so many blossoms-the larger tree produces the sweetest apricots I've ever tasted, and the jam, well let's just say it is entirely possible to live on sour dough english muffins and apricot jam for  weeks.  The first batch I made from them was upon our return from our honeymoon, almost 4 years ago.  It was so good that when we saw more trees in the neighborhood we asked if we could pick their fruit.  The results were not nearly as delicious as from this tree.  Last year the wind took out blossoms from every fruit tree in this valley, so I was so hopeful that we'd get fruit this year.  We did, just not enough for jam.  Then, the other tree produced fruit for the first time this year-we didn't even know it was an apricot tree.  At first we guessed apple, then Tony noticed the fruit were fuzzy so we guessed peach-but weren't paying attention to the shape of the leaves.  When it finally clicked that it was another apricot tree I was hoping to get enough for jam, but our son likes to eat them straight from the tree (he managed to eat two while picking tonight) so this year there won't be any jam.  Unless of course someone else gets enough fruit to sell.  I'm going to have dreams of apricot jam on hot buttery toasted english muffins!