Friday, May 7, 2010

More About Time

About ten years ago I read an article that questioned whether our modern day appliances really saved us any time.  The author suggested that the time it takes to run the dishwasher might be longer than the time it takes to wash them by hand.  She went through a whole list of examples and the whole time I was thinking to myself, "true, but I'm not standing at the sink the whole time the dishwasher is running" or whatever the device in question might be.  A few days after that, I was making dinner, baking bread, washing dishes and doing laundry-and I wasn't even home!  There was a meal in the crockpot, dough in the bread machine, etc.  I was getting 4 things done at home while I wasn't even there.  Obviously that article has stuck with me all these years.  I was reminded of it again this morning as I was warming milk in the crockpot to put it into the yogurt maker, and the ice cream maker was running-all while cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast.  Her point may have been right, but I feel it was shortsighted for reasons already mentioned.

Now-when those with foresight to create items that help us can come up with the self cleaning kitchen....

A small kitchen gets destroyed quickly, but it also doesn't take too long to clean it up!  Now off to the store to get the ingredients for this marinade to make goat fajitas for dinner.  A friend has homemade tortillas too!