Thursday, May 13, 2010

Best Fed Chickens in Town

I think we've got the best fed chickens around!  Today they got at least a half gallon of whey from my first (successful) cheesemaking venture, and then Tony found a recently killed snake in the yard, so he cut it into large chunks for them.  They're still pecking away at it.

In related news, Mr Redofrd likes the chick feed, so he's figured out how to get into their opened pen to eat it.  We've moved their pen to the backyard and open it during the day.  Mr Redford hops right in and sleeps on their straw and eats their feed.

About that cheese...I love it!  Tony doesn't seem too excited about it, and our son is turned off because he likes "orange" cheese.  I told him the orange part isn't the good part, so he tried it and asked for more.  He still hasn't eaten the little bowlful I gave him, but he says he likes it.  I doused it with sea salt and then a bell pepper rub.  I'm thinking almost any seasoning would be fabulous with it.  Maybe cilantro lime...For those that have experience making chevre, can I do anything to make it more firm/less crumbly?

I also made buttermilk.  Tony is the only one to try it so far and he said it's the best he's ever had and he'll drink it straight.  I plan to make buttermilk biscuits with it tomorrow morning-to go with our fresh eggs and goat sausage.  MMMMMMMMM!