Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Buck Stops Here

We broke down, gave in and bought a registerable Alpine buck last night.  I've been looking for one to use as a stud since we got our girls last year and we found one Alpine, but he wasn't registered and lived too far away.  This guy comes from registered parents, so we just need to do the paperwork.  He is VERY calm-I was surprised.  The town where he used to live is about an hour away from here and he didn't make a sound the whole way back, nor when we took him out of the truck to go into the pasture.  He's even kinda handsome.  No pictures yet though.  Previous owner called him Bolt.  Not sure what we'll go with.

On an unrelated animal note-we had to take Purrsy to the vet again when we got back from buying the goat.  She looked thin, but wouldn't jump up onto the dryer to eat (does anyone else have cats and dogs and have to keep the cat food up high?) so I reached down to pick her up and felt something wet.  She's not quite a year old and a small cat, but had a rather large gash on her underside.  Several inches long and kinda deep.  No blood though-maybe she had already cleaned herself up, but none was even visible.  We are fortunate to have a 24 hour vet in town.  I haven't heard from them, guess I should call and see if she's ready to come home.