Sunday, October 30, 2011

Here and There in the Blogger World

I read a lot more blog posts than I write.  I probably even comment more at other blogs than write original posts on mine.  This week I was quoted at SteadyMom.  She had written a brief story about achieving peace.  My comments were quoted in her next post about What Choosing Peace Does Not Mean.  I was pretty excited about that!

Then there's the grain debate that's so popular right now.  I've read a bit on both sides.  I whole-heartedly agree that processed white flour should be avoided, but I don't come to the same conclusion with whole grains.  I know that gluten intolerance is on the rise and many people are avoiding wheat and other gluten containing grains.  I don't notice any symptoms though, in myself or my family.  The debate regarding whether humans should even eat grains is a very interesting one and you can find a lot of info on both sides.  I have an online friend that removed all grains from her diet (and subsequently her family's diet) and they are all doing wonderfully.  But they had issues prior.  One blogger has tried a few of the grain free approaches and still has the same symptoms, so it clearly isn't a one size fits all resolution.  I appreciate her willingness to take up the pro-grain side of the story and show that it's not a demon for everyone.  I encourage you to read her post, but be warned-there are nearly 300 comments!

There's also Kelly the Kitchen Kop writing a story in support of healthy grains.  I left a comment that sparked interest for another commenter and we had a respectable discussion that I found refreshing and interesting.  You can read it here.  It seems rare (for me anyway) to be able to present and discuss opposing viewpoints without it breaking down into heated debate.  In my experience, people don't like to have their opinions questioned.  I say-how do you learn something if you don't ask questions?  I ask nicely, never resorting to name calling or belittling, but I still get those that get all riled up simply because I asked to know more about their point of view.  Oh well, I digress.  Take the time to read the other posts and let me know what you think on both of the issues.