Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Procrastination vs Just Too Much To Do

Goodness!  I know I don't like to open mail or deal with the tedious tasks that go along with paperwork.  I try to set aside a certain time each week to sit down and make the calls, reply to the letters, pay the bills, whatever needs done in the paperwork/desk work category.  I tend to avoid that day though, or simply update my checking accounts and call it good.

Today I pulled out the stack of papers (at least 4 inches tall) and just started at it.  Plugging along, one piece of paper after another.  Here's what I'm finding:
  • FamilyLife Resource offers from March and April that I wanted-but didn't take the few moments required to fill out the form and put it back in the mail.
  • A stack of UNOPENED mail from early August.  One letter is date Aug 3rd.
  • A letter from an online friend from May 2009.  I think I kept it to remind me to send one back.  Oops.
  • Letters from WorldVision and Food for the Hungry regarding the children we sponsor.  Cards that we're supposed to sign and send back.  From June.
Does it really take me THAT long to just do these things a few moments at a time on a regular basis??  Part of my S.H.E. program will include handling the mail DAILY every afternoon.  I sure hope I can overcome this issue!  But I never addressed the title of the post-is it simply procrastination or too much to do?  I don't know.  I'll have to get back to you.  It's time to take books back to the library, go to the post office and make a deposit at the bank.  How do YOU handle these things?