Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Experience with Pumpkin Cake Bars

When I read this recipe, my mouth started watering!  We had a pumpkin waiting to be made into something wonderful, so this went on the list.  Maybe I built it up too much in my mind, but it just didn't satisfy the way I anticipated.  We cut up and cooked the pumpkin Friday night, and I started in on these bars Saturday.

I think I needed to cook them just a bit longer.  The top had browned and it seemed firm, but I failed to do the "insert toothpick" test.  The frosting called for coconut oil and coconut butter, so I had set them in the oven with the light on to liquefy.  I think that caused the icing to not mix properly.  I never did put it on the bars.  Tomorrow when the house is a bit warmer, I'm going to try mixing it again and see what we get.  If that doesn't work I'll figure out a way to use the mixture in another recipe.

The Cake Batter

Icing Ingredients

Cooled and Cut
One plus-the almond butter was purchased at Costco for $5.99 for a 26oz jar.  I had to go to New Frontiers for the coconut butter and saw this brand of almond butter for $12 something, for a smaller jar!  Sure glad I found it at Costco, but now I'm convinced I spent too much on the coconut butter!

Have you got a favorite pumpkin recipe to share?  I still have a full crock pot of puree to use!


  1. The pan of pumpkin bars looks good. What did you think they lacked?

  2. Texture, they lacked texture. Since we aren't allergic to wheat or gluten around here, I think I might try again with flour. Perhaps baking a little longer at a lower temp would help too, just not sure and the ingredients are EXPENSIVE!

  3. I have a pumpkin chocolate bar recipe that we love, I need to dig it up for you.

  4. If they're at all like these brownies, my guys didn't like them.

    It might be our pumpkin though. It's not mashing up into pulp very well-looks more like spaghetti squash.

    The combination sounds like it should be good though. If you come across it, send it my way, but don't go to any trouble for it. Thanks!

  5. Oh,I love all things pumpkin! These look yummy and full of goodness!
    We had the same thing happen to us as you did with your Alpine on the first doe we bought bred,turned out she wasn't and we were sooo disappointed!

  6. Hmmm... I think I have a recipe, too. I'll have to look tomorrow. I've been painting the girls bedrooms the last two days and now I need to focus on recipes for turkey brine, cranberry sauces, and such. While I'm at it, I'll see what I find.

    Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving, Kelly. I'm grateful this year for so many new friends via blogging!

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Amy!