Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wellness Wednesday, February 2nd

I have good news on the no 'poo situation-I found something that seems to be working!  We ran out of the goat's milk soap that I had purchased last fall at a farmer's market, so went in search of at the area health food stores.  When I found it, the goat milk soap had all kinds of difficult to pronounce ingredients, so I started reading labels on the other soaps there.  I found one that had all natural oils and some essential oils for fragrance that I thought smelled good, so I bought it.  I tried it on my hair, followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse.  After the first time, my hair felt softer than it's been feeling with baking soda, but still had the fullness and natural curl that it got with the baking soda.  I was able to run my comb thru it without any difficulty.  I waited 3 days before trying it again and my hair is even softer after the 2nd use!  Success!  The days in between washings, I simply wet it and it still dries with some wavy curls and I doubt anyone could tell that it hadn't been washed that day.

I also think the homemade tooth cleaning recipe works better than just mouthwash, which is what we used to do.  Our dentist agreed that daily toothpaste use is too abrasive for teeth, so toothpaste was an occassional use item.  I realized though that for all my efforts to remove dyes from my son's diet, that we were filling his mouth with green dye everynight, DUH!  No, he doesn't swallow it, but I'm certain that it can be absorbed thru the skin.  He doesn't care for the baking soda in it, and it may be just as abrasive as whatever's in toothpaste, so I'm on the hunt now for a recipe that doesn't use baking soda.  Feel free to share any links if you have them!

The next venture I want to try is the oil cleansing method for my face.  I bought the castor oil, and have olive oil, I just need to try it out.  I think part of the problem is that this method is used at night (at least in the how to's I've read) and I don't usually wash my face at night.  I guess I could try it in the morning, right?

I'm back on bee pollen to strengthen my immune system against seasonal allergies.  We had a lot of wind Tuesday and it made my left eye itch like crazy and I would have sneezing fits of 10-15 sneezes at a time.  It finally subsided, but boy do I wish it wouldn't even happen!  Although, if it's true that your heart skips a beat when sneezing, and we're allotted a certain number of beats over the course of our lifetime, does that mean all my sneezing is prolonging my life?  ;-)

I'm noticing that several of the blogs I follow are posting info about adrenal fatigue.  I think I'm going to create an in depth post of my own on the topic, but it might turn out to just be an historical list of what may have contributed to my situation.  If that's the case, I won't be sharing it, as it would likely be quite boring.  It would be a good record for me to have though, so I think I'm going to work on it a little bit each day and see what I end up with.

My son had quite a bad headache and a bit of fever Friday.  He didn't complain too much, and was actually quite polite in his requests for feel good stuff.  I gave him arnica twice that day and that seemed to work.  I can tell when he has a fever because his cheeks get rosy.  He spent time in bed with me reading to him and later in the day fell asleep while watching a movie.  He had to be sick if he fell asleep during a movie!  He's a little congested still, but is otherwise healthy.

One last note-I made a menu plan for the entire month of February, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!  Just having a healthy month of meals planned ought to be helpful, dontcha think?