Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up Feb 5th

It's been a full week!  Today we stopped at two yard sales and spent $10 at each for a number of treasures.  I got a Sunbeam food processor for $4.  I found a drawer to hold VHS movies so I can organize our collection a little better.  I also got a book called The Green Pharmacy Guide to Healing Foods for $1. 

After that we spent time at the pasture fixing a broken water pipe and cleaning the water trough.  Boots is no longer in rut and doesn't stink, and he wanted to constantly be scratched behind his ears.  I'd stop and walk away and he'd follow me and position himself so that I had to scratch him.  Jasper is getting more used to us-he licked my fingers and tried to pull them into his mouth by curling his tongue around them.  I didn't know cow's tongues were so rough!

Last Sunday we disbudded the baby goats.  It was our first time to do it, and while I knew it really needed to be done, I was concerned they'd never come near me again when it was over.  I was the one to hold each one down while Tony applied the hot iron.  They cried a tiny bit and squirmed a little, but it wasn't nearly as awful as I expected.  Both of them hung out on my lap when it was over and both still love to play with me, so my concern was unfounded.  Poor Sugar looks a little strange though.

They sure learn quickly-Tony put a stump in for them to climb on and they couldn't do it that day, but the next day they were hopping all over it like old timers!  She's on it right now if you look closely.

I got a couple of days off last week.  Tony took Goober to work with him.  I needed some uninterrupted time to complete 2 tax amendments.  Happy to report those  are done!

We were spared the precipitation of the storms that hit most of the country this week, but we did have overnight lows of 4* two nights in a row!  That's about 20 * cooler than normal for here.  Our crazy water pipes-the pipe from the water heater to the kitchen runs thru the attic.  It froze the first night we had those lows.  The next two nights we left the sink dripping to keep the pipes open.  Exciting stuff, huh?

Friday night we took our new pastor and his wife out to dinner.  She was interested to hear about our goats and chickens-she wants to get some.  We had a nice night.  I had jalapeno bacon smoked Gouda stuffed chicken breast.  Can I just say WOW!

Tonight we're making homemade pizza, the dough for the crust is almost ready and I can't wait to put all kinds of fun toppings on it.  After dinner we'll watch The Wizard of Oz.  Goober Gus hasn't seen it yet and I found it at the library.

The view out the kitchen window!

Please tell me your week was more exciting!