Monday, February 7, 2011


I love it.  Almost can't seem to get enough of it.  Catch myself reading piles of paper upside down when I'm at someone else's house (sorry friends).  Read road signs when I'm driving.  I therefore have a long list of blogs I enjoy reading, email newsletters I receive, forum posts to keep up with, and the traditional books and magazines waiting to be read. 

The problem comes when there just isn't enough time to read it all, or a change in daily routine keeps me from handling the daily onslaught that comes electronically and I get behind.  What to do then?  Delete unread email?  Skip the blogs?  Not participate in forums?  I thought I had solved that little dilema by designating certain evenings to catching up.  Tony plays music a couple of times per week at night, so I decided to use that time to read the newsletters and blogs, while my son gets to watch an extra movie.  Even that hasn't been helping-I'm way behind. 

I like to keep my Inbox under 100 messages total.  Right now I have 44 undread out of a total of 181.  The 44 unread are just the ones that haven't been clicked on, it's not the actual number I haven't read.  Then there's my specialty folders where I have certain messages directed upon arrival.  Mom Stuff has 59 unread messages!  Homeschool 30. 

The basket that I corral magazines in is stacked to the height of its handle.  My night stand brims with books in various stages of completion, as does the end table.  Oh, and there's the daily snail mail.  Don't even get me started on that!

Why am I taking the time to write about the problem rather than catch up?  I don't know, I suppose I wanted to share my situation with you and see if I'm the only one facing this.