Friday, August 27, 2010

Midnight Surprise!

We stayed up a little later last night than we have been, and by the time we went to bed, we were both worn out.  Still, I couldn't fall asleep and stay that way.  After a couple of bouts of waking up, I distinctly heard scratching at the door that leads outside from our room.  The cats (and rabbit) have a pet door to the backyard in the back door, so I couldn't figure out what was making the scratching noise.  Sometimes one of the cats will try to get us to open the bedroom door, but it's accompanied by loud meowing.  This was just scratching.  I finally got up to look (there's a window in the upper half of the door) and couldn't see anything.  Once I turned the light on the scratching wasn't as persistent, but I could still hear it.  I wasn't keen on opening the door without being able to see anything, but I wouldn't be able to sleep not knowing and getting rid of it.

Well-after about 10 seconds of looking around I finally saw it-a SKUNK!  Just to the left of the door hinge eating pecans that are stored there.  All I could see was the white stripe down its back-good thing too!  Had it seen me, I'm certain it would have been startled and done the deed.  I quickly closed the door and decided to turn the fan on to overcome the scratching sounds.  Whew-there's a blessing to be grateful for!