Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekly Farm Report

OK, so I made it for a second weekly report.  It's a start!  This is what I got at the farmer's market today.  There's 4 pounds of apples that I got in exchange for 2 dozen eggs; 3 bunches of purple and white carrots that normally go for $3 per bunch, I got all 3 for $5 because it was getting close to quitting time; the purple plums and beets were received for a pound of garlic chevre; the yellow plums I bought because it was a new vendor and I wanted to make friends; and the pickled zucchini just looked fun!  The owner of the apple orchard will trade me apples for eggs every week.  Not pictured are 2 giant sunflowers to go into the garden and hopefully help feed the chickens this winter, and a baby willow tree.  The willow tree was a gift from the people we bought the stevia and mint plants from a few weeks ago.  The chickens ate all the leaves and I was asking if they'd come back with just roots there.  She wasn't sure and doesn't have any more mint or stevia, and Tony had shown interest in a willow when we were there, so they gave me one.  It's been great getting to know the people at the market.

When we arrived, my son says, "hey, it happened again" but I wasn't sure what he meant.  He could see the people at the market and was excited because the beef vendor has a 3 year old boy that he likes to play with.  He calls him his new friend, so today we got his name.

I went to the pasture twice to check on critters (Tony goes every other day) and the day I took my camera, Elsie and Jasper wouldn't stand up.  Today they were grazing together but I didn't have my camera. 

We had quite a rain storm yesterday afternoon and then last night when I locked up the hen house, one was missing.  I haven't seen her today (thinking maybe she roosted elsewhere with the rain) so I think a coyote got her.  Everyone else seems happy though.  Goats included.

So that's it for this week.  Hope ya'll are well!