Saturday, July 17, 2010

Update to Weekly Farm Report

I made my report too soon.  Tony took the truck out this afternoon to collect broken tree branches from yesterday's storm.  The goats love them and it's free food!  While he was out, someone gave him three HUGE garbage bags full of apples!  We just finished sorting them and were able to save about 2 bags worth.  The other will be goat, cow and horse treats.  So now to ask for YOUR favorite apple recipe.  The recipes in my Home Canning book include:
  • apple butter
  • conserve
  • syrup
  • jelly
  • juice
  • pie filling
  • preserves
  • apple-rhubarb chutney
  • wedges in cinnamon red hot syrup (yum!)
  • studded with cherries and raisins
I have lots of canning jars AND plenty of freezer space, so let's hear your ideas! 

Yes, there are so many we washed them in the bathtub!